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Goodbye, VitaminTuesday, December 11th
: The True story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most iconic Extinct Creatures
by Ben Mezrich


 Earlier works, including How to Clone a Mammoth (2015), by Beth Shapiro, show that, fantastical as it seems, there are actual projects to bring extinct species back into existence. Mezrich (Once upon a Time in Russia, 2015) depicts one such effort at the Harvard Medical School, led by geneticist George Church. Using a breezy narrative technique Mezrich calls “re-created dialogue,” he relates Church’s childhood interest in biology and his achievement of a high-profile career. One day, Nicholas Wade, science reporter for the New York Times, called Church to ask if re-creating the woolly mammoth was possible. Thus prompted to explore the idea and with financial backing from the creator of The Whole Earth Catalog, Church selected a team from his lab’s staff to chase this chimera. Explaining how they might revive the woolly, Mezrich describes their techniques to decode DNA from the carcasses of mammoths from Siberia, genetically synthesizing their DNA, and implanting it in a modern elephant. Making complex genetic engineering intelligible, Mezrich successfully channels the enthusiasms of the scientists he so vividly portrays. - Booklist

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