Eternity Film Series

WINGS (1927) by William Wellman, 143 min.

Winner of the first Academy Award for Best Picture, the fully restored Wings delivers spectacular WWI aerial dogfights filmed in Magnascope with new 5.1 surround soundtrack. Director “Wild Bill” Wellman places the popular “It” girl Clara Bow alongside Richard Arlen, Charles “Buddy” Rogers and Gary Cooper in a star-launching cameo. Beyond being a grand melodrama of men in action in combat, Wings is the first Hollywood film to show two men kissing, and also the first widely released films to show nudity. 

FILMS: Wings (1927) William Wellman, 35mm, bw-clr tints, sil, new music, 143 mins.

“One of the most impressive actions by Wellman was his dedication towards getting the aerial scenes to be as realistic as possible.”  Dino Everett, Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive


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